Invest in energy-efficiency measures that have a rapid payback

Looking for a quick return on your lighting project investment? Here’s a list of ideas to get started with saving energy that have a rapid payback. The best part? These upgrades continue to save you money long after the initial project cost is paid off andARI Energy and Lighting Consultants work together with your local utility company as Trade Ally's to help ensure your company is obtaining the electric rebates on every energy efficient lighting product you purchase, which will help pay for your project.

Let ARI Energy & Lighting Consultants help find cost-effective investments...

 ARI Energy & Lighting Consultants will conduct an energy audit to identify areas where your buildings lighting systems have become inefficient over time and bring them back to peak performance.  A few of the things that will reduce your energy costs up to 75%, using product that will last your company about 10 times longer:

Replace old fluorescent and incandescent lighting with T-8  or LED T-8 fixtures.  We use ENERGY STAR, DLC, and ULC certified CFLs or LEDs, and other energy-efficient lighting systems that will improve light quality and reduce heat gain. 

Install LED exit signs. These signs can dramatically reduce maintenance by eliminating the need to replace lamps and can save $10 per sign annually in electricity costs.

Swap out incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR, DLC, and ULC certified CFLs or LEDs in your desk, task, and floor lamps.

Install occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lights when no one is present and back on when people return. Storage rooms, back-of-house spaces, meeting rooms, and other low-traffic areas are often good places to start. Most local utility companies offer incentives to replace these. Occupancy sensors can save between 15 and 30 percent on lighting costs. ARI Energy & Lighting Consultants even helps to ensure that the occupancy senors are installed correctly so that they are able to “see” an approaching person’s motion to turn on the light as they enter an unlit room.

We examine the opportunities where it would be "energy smart" to switch from high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps in parking lots, around the outside of your buildings and any outdoor signage to ENERGY STAR, DLC, and ULC certified LED products.