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South Bend IN

I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am with not only the new LED’s lights in my offices here at AIT Worldwide Logistics, but also with every aspect of doing business with ARI Energy & Lighting.  First of all, Dan Stevens was a pleasure to work with, your installers were kind and courteous to the staff here, and your invoices were exactly what they were supposed to be with no hidden up charges.  The difference in the lighting here is amazing.  We went from a yellowish dreary type of office environment to a crisp daylight feel.  The rebate and the potential energy cost savings are amazing compared to the overall price of what you guys did for us.  THANK YOU for your help and for the record I would highly recommend ARI Energy & Lighting to anyone interested!

ARI Energy & Lighting Consultants:

   Before ARI Energy updated our lighting in our finishing department it was hard to see in some areas and gloomy. After ARI Energy had half of the project done we knew we made the right decision. When the entire project was completed, wow what a difference, it looks like a new department! ARI Energy had the project completed in a timely manner and are very satisfied with their work. It has helped us in many ways, overall appearance to our clientele, shop personnel morale, less energy usage, and our products look even that much better with our new LED lighting! Thank you ARI Enrergy, keep up the great work!

To Whom It Concern,

 I have worked with ARI Energy Management LED Retrofitters on three of our locations with great success. Our lighting bills have been reduced  over 50%. Art was very good to work with and all jobs were completed on schedule. We had one service call that was resolved within a week. I would highly recommend this company.

Ryan Jay
IC Owner SBN
AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. 

Edwardsburg Fitness Co.

My name is Melissa and I own the Edwardsburg Fitness Co.  Recently Dan Stevens with your company stopped out and did a review of the potential savings we could achieve at our 24 hour fitness center by switching from florescent lights to LED’s.  The savings is substantial since we run our lights 24/7.  At the time we made the decision solely based on that alone but seriously, the difference in the lighting is extraordinary.  After installation, which your install guys were fantastic, we’ve received nothing but compliments on the new LED Lights.

Just this morning at a local breakfast spot a member noticed my husband and I and complimented the new lights at the gym.  He said we seem to always be improving our gym.

Anyways, thank you very much.  A pleasure doing business with you.

Joe Turns


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